Forest Technician - Full Time

QTY: 1  |  Status: Permanent  |  Pay: Salaried  |  Location: Athens, Georgia

Position Requirements ( i.e. degree, experience, etc.):
• Minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Forestry or a related field
• Prescribed fire experience is a plus
• Must be able to communicate clearly and timely and complete fieldwork in a detailed and quality manner
• Ability & willingness to travel
• Experience with or the training in ArcGIS, Microsoft Word, Excel iPads, and field data recorders is
considered positive
• Experience in herbicide application and licensure is considered a plus
• Insurable driving record (meeting company standard)
• Ability to work outside and meet standard productivity targets
• Ability to work independently & as part of a team to complete and record data from forest management

Position Duties:
• Complete forest inventories
• Mark timber sale and SMZ boundaries
• Timber sale preparation, harvest inspections, prescribed burning, forest road work oversight, hunt lease
work, boundary line maintenance, plantation establishment oversight, management plan preparation,
research study establishment, study maintenance, study measurement, study data cleaning, cone harvest,
tree breeding
• Collect GPS field data
• Oversee & document establishment and mid-rotation plantation activities


Benefits :
*Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience
*Paid holidays
*Paid vacation
*Professional development timeline

Travel and working conditions:
The majority of the work is outdoors in varying weather conditions. The job includes travel and occasional weekend work. This position is generally a 45-50 hour/week assignment.

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DDFSI has completed multiple specialized projects, like the upper-stem branch measurement work pictured above.