Land Management

Your choice of land manager makes all the difference in the joy and benefits that you and others will receive from your timberland. So how do you choose a forest land manager or forestry consultant? There have been many articles written on the subject.

Most suggest that you should make your decision based on the prospects years of experience, list of credentials after their name, or the list of professional groups to which they belong. While these are certainly important indicators of professionalism, they do not guarantee success. Many landowners purchase professional assistance and spend a lot of money on management activities, only to grow some trees for harvest.

At Dougherty & Dougherty we have experience, credentials, licenses, and memberships, but our focus is on producing “progressive” results. Depending on their individual focus, our client’s goals include maximizing returns from timber growth and harvest, minimizing taxes and diversifying their investment portfolio, producing quality wildlife habitat and hunting experiences, learning more about forestry investment, improving aesthetics and being good land stewards or conservationists.

Whether you wish to emphasize forest productivity, land stewardship, conservation, wildlife management, timber sales planning and implementation, or simply need reliable due diligence assistance we can help you meet your goals. While you browse this site, take time to review the pictures and captions showing some of our results. If you need forestry assistance, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to discussing your land management objectives and needs.

 Annual Private Landowner Field Day

Dougherty & Dougherty Forestry Services conducts an Annual Private Landowner Field Day to help educate clients and other landowners about the progressive management opportunities and rewards that are available and obtainable. Speakers generally include staff and guests from groups like the Forest Landowner's Association, the Forest Nutrition Cooperative and the Forest Tree Improvement Cooperative.