DDFSI Consultation

There may be times when you don’t need full-service land management or a detailed research study, but rather need a general consultation, audit, or expert witness testimony. We can provide assistance in these cases. Examples might range from:

  • A property inspection to verify that current management is up-to-snuff.
  • Advice regarding which type of seedling to plant in regards to stock type (bare-root vs. container), level of tree improvement (OP, CMP, or Varietal), or specific family, cross, or line.
  • Review of an entire integrated wood production facility; from land (site) to silviculture, to personal, to processing.
  • Review of a timber trespass overcut; failed plantation, or other forestry situations with legal ramifications.


Vision and understanding of ownership objectives, project planning, implementation, and feedback loop results; of an absolute commitment to customer service; and of how to communicate to private landowners.

Derek completing an audit in N. Brazil in 2004 – Eucalypts urograndis species – Celmar Forest