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Forest Investors - Welcome!

A great forest investment has been established for you. The cut-over land was reforested with advanced genetic, containerized, loblolly pine seedlings in January 2019. This is reforestation done well. A chemical site-prep spraying was conducted October 2018. Seedlings, hand-planted at a density of approximately 454 per acre take advantage of these excellent, high site Index soils. With proper continued forest management, a commercial pulpwood thinning may take place at age 12, followed by a second thinning or clear-cut harvest at age 20. Time is money. This established silviculture and genetic improvement allows the investor the flexibility of growing high quality sawtimber or dense volume pulpwood rotations depending on cash flow expectations and market situations. Sampson County is an important wood producing county in North Carolina's timber basket. Proximity to multiple forest product markets on a tract with high-producing soils are attributes sought after by forest investors.

With good forest management, comes wildlife management and hunting recreation opportunity. Property taxes remain low when property remains in the Present Use-Value (PUV) program for forestry, when managed by a written management plan.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this document is believed to be accurate, however, neither Progressive Realty Services LLC, their agents, or the property owners shall be liable for provided information. Prospective Buyers should conduct appropriate due diligence prior to offer.



Key Property Features

Lot Size: 70.4+/- Acres

Location: Sampson County, NC

Percentage Wooded: 0%

$ 0

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